Proper Salutations

By | May 1, 2015

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In response to Proper Salutations on 15 March 2015, reader Stephanie Wong who is a regular commenter, wrote this:

Hi, Lydia. Good morning.
I love your article in family ties regarding proper salutations.
I’d learned one thing from your article as to how to save inconveniece of having the elders acknowledge 30 juniors asking them to eat!
Each time we have dinner with my mother-in law, my three children have to call their gran and both my husband and I before tucking in.  After reading your article, I will be the one to give the cue and the children ones will chorus ” Ye ye, ma ma, daddy , mummy……. sit fann (eat rice in Hakka) “. So simple!
Whatever you wrote in your article are all practiced by my family. I have one more thing to share with you. When the elders take their leave for holidays for example. “WE” all have to wake up early in the morning 5am to bid them a safe journey and to wait until the taxi leave the house!  For your info, my family is the type  of typical traditional family. Not easy Lydia.
Have a good weekend.
Stephanie Wong

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